Celere HS 36mm metric with PL Mount

The Celere HS 25mm metric with PL Mount is ideal for gimbal and Steadicam use. Celere prime lenses are 85mm in diameter and weigh 2.31lb so no need to rebalance when you swap lenses.


The Celere HS 36mm metric with PL Mount features a T1.5 max. aperture, metric focus scale, and a PL Mount.

Celere HS 25mm covers full frame 24x36mm with no vignette. The Celere HS 6K lenses offer dual focus markings so an AC can read from either side of the lens. Each contains an unified eight-leaf iris module.

Also, these lenses cater to Brushless Gimbals for the same reasons. Match it with your MōVI Freefly or DJI Ronin.

On a Sony FS5 the Celere HS lenses effectively become a T1.1 to suit your high speed scenes. Compatible with the RED WEAPON at 6K.

In addition, Celere HS Primes also include the option to unscrew the back locking ring so you can recreate an old school diffusion effect with a set of pantyhose. Stretch the stocking across until you reach your desired level of diffusion, then replace the back locking ring. Cut the stocking around the Stainless Steel mount once the Adapter ring is seated.


  • 36mm T1.5 Prime
  • Full frame 24x36mm
  • Compatible with RED WEAPON at 6K
  • PL Mount
General SpecificationsDetail:
Max Aperture T-stop T1.5
Front Diameter 85mm
Camera Mount PL-mount
Weight (2,31 lb)
Filter Thread 77mm

What's Included

  • Celere HS 36mm T1.5 Lens - Metric, PL Mount
  • Front Lens Cap
  • Rear Lens Cap

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