Inovativ C-Stand Storage Clamp (Set of 2)

C-Stand Storage Clamps attach to the Accessory Cross Bars of all INOVATIV carts and securely hold up to 2 1.25" C-Stands. ***Note that if you use Avenger or powder coated C-Stands, this product may not have a large enough diameter.***


The C-Stand Storage Clamp from Inovativ connects tow C-Stands to your cart via the C-stand storage clamps. Simple easy off clasping clamp that connects to the INOVATIV Accessory Cross Bars. Only compatiblew with 1.25" diameter c-stands, please check before purchasing.

General Specifications Details
Compatibility Echo, Ranger and Scout equipment carts
Dimensions 2.5"L X 2.5"W X 1" H (Each Part)


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