Nanuk 960 Case

The latest model in the Nanuk Cases collection is the NANUK 960.
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The latest model in the Nanuk Cases collection is the NANUK 960. It's the biggest case model available with polyurethane wheels and retractable pull handle.

When you have to travel on distances with heavy equipment, having a large and solid case with wheels and handle becomes a must. If you are a photographer or videographer, you can use the 960 to fit all of your strobe lights and accessories. If you use the cases for transporting your DJI Phantom or any other flying drone, you be served with extra space and great protection.

The Nanuk 960 is designed and made in Canada. You can be assured that the quality and finishing parts like soft handle and unique Powerclaw™ latching system will make you fall in love with this case (especially if you've ever had to use one of it's competitor's model before!).

Available in 4 colours, the NANUK 960 uses 100% stainless steel hardware so you know it won't rust or start falling apart on your next big gig like cheap Chinese cases would.

For years Plasticase as been proud to build and promote the best protective cases in the world and I personally guarantee that if this is your first time buying a NANUK case, you will be pleasantly surprised when you first open your brand new NANUK 960.

Don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions about the NANUK cases on this site. I make sure all my customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase.

General Specifications
Exterior dimensions L25.4" x W20.0" x H14.5"
Interior dimensions L22.0" x W17.0" x H12.9"
Weight (empty) 19.2 lbs | 8.7 kg
Lid depth 2.1" | 53mm
Base depth 10.8" | 274mm
Material lightweight NK-7TM resin
Max buoyancy 167.6 lbs | 76 kg
Temperature range Min -20F (-29C ) Max 140F (60C)
Airline carry-on No

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