STEADYPLUS Yota High-Performance Gimbal Car

Tell your story in a brand new way with the STEADYPLUS Yota High-Performance Gimbal Car.
Tell your story in a brand new way with the STEADYPLUS Yota High-Performance Gimbal Car.
Strength and Stability
A maximum payload of 9.5kg (21lb) affords the gear you need to get the shot you want. Where others have two levels of suspension, the YOTA boasts three separate sets of suspension and a universal gimbal mount provide unparalleled shot stability, even at top speed.
Speaking of Speed
Powered by dual 5500mAh Li-Po batteries, the 960KV brushless motor will keep your camera at top speed with precise control through the most daunting high-speed shots , with a top speed of 80Km/H (50Mph). Get unparalleled shots of highly dynamic scenes; ride alongside footballers, mountain bikers, or even snowboarders.
Take to the Slopes
SteadyPlus brings new meaning to All-Terrain. The YOTA isn't limited to its durable all-terrain tires, but also has the option of Arctic Explorer snow-treads and ski-steering; winter shoots just got a lot more mobile. The YOTA will keep up with snowboarders, snowmobilers, and snow leopards just the same.
Extreme Operation Demands Extreme Durability
The unibody chassis is constructed of aluminum alloy and the mounting system is carbon fiber; the YOTA is not a pushover.
Guaranteed Performance
The YOTA powertain is guaranteed with a 1-year limited warranty, serviced here in the Pacific Northwest, in either Vancouver or Washington. We offer a full complement of spare parts, keeping your shot rolling in times of crisis.
Cinegears Performance Packages
Cinegears offers wireless technologies to perfect your gimbal car usage. Our Wireless Follow Focus kits keep your shot on point, and our Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Transmission kits keep your eye on the prize.


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